Is the Fix in?

Over the last two weeks, Biden has suddenly become the probable Democratic nominee.  A number of factors probably played into his sudden resurgence, but not least was the abrupt departure of the other remaining moderates in the race — Bloomberg, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg — and their prompt and unanimous endorsement of Biden.  It almost seemed choreographed.

Equally conspicuous is what did not happen; Warren, Sanders’ rival for the progressive mantle, also left the race — but declined to endorse Sanders.  This certainly wasn’t the only reason for Sanders’ sudden fall from grace — but it didn’t help.   If Sanders had gotten Warren’s endorsement, he would definitely have had the ‘progressive’ mantle.  Whether that would have been enough is a good question, but it’s academic:  Sanders didn’t get Warren’s endorsement, and he’s back to being the lonely leftist running against the consensus candidate.

Shades of 2016.  Good luck.

So why didn’t Warren endorse Sanders?  After all, nuances and shadings aside, they agree on most issues.  Was there some vital point where they disagreed?  Does Warren really think Sanders lied when he denied ever saying a woman couldn’t be president?  Is she petulant about that?  As far as I know, the below is the only explanation Warren has offered for her reluctance to endorse Sanders:

‘…After announcing her decision to not offer an endorsement, Warren made comments critical of her former ally in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Warren claimed that so-called Bernie Bros, as Sanders’ staunchest supporters have come to be known, posted the home addresses and phone numbers of numerous women of color who worked for or ran groups that had either endorsed her or not endorsed Sanders.

The move, she said, led to an “onslaught of online threats.”…’


Possibly that really was the motive for her decision…but it seems a bit weak as a reason for effectively acquiescing in Biden’s coronation instead.

Has Biden offered Warren the V.P. slot in exchange for her silence?  It would get Biden that vital woman as a running mate, if not quite the ‘woman of color’ that would presumably be the ideal.  But then, Biden already has the black vote, so this gets him the women too.  It also ‘balances the ticket.’ If Warren’s on it, ‘progressives’ will see a clear difference between Trump/Pence and Biden/Warren, and vote for the latter — if only in the unstated hope that Biden will die or have to be removed from office when he goes completely ga-ga.  Enter President Warren.

Come the convention, we’ll see.  It wouldn’t be precisely dishonest; but if this is what has happened, Warren will rather clearly have been paid to betray her principles.



  1. Warren hardly ever inspired confidence with her rants. Could she have won a national election?

    Where is Tulsi Gabbard, and why has she been banned from the debate stage this weekend? The fix is in for Biden. But he is a court jester, fool, and a liar and an idiot.

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    • Tulsi Gabbard had one big failing; she made it clear she was not going to do as Israel wished with respect to Syria, Iran, or the Middle East in general.

      She should have been the media’s darling: a ‘woman of color,’ ‘progressive,’ and good looking to boot. Yet underneath it all, essentially white: this year’s Obama, in short.

      But she didn’t become this year’s Obama; on the contrary, in spite of insistent popular interest in her, she was methodically ignored. I cannot see any legitimate reason why this should have happened; that it did suggests who controls our media. If you don’t play ball when it comes to Israel, you’re out.

      Joe Biden, incidentally, plays ball.

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