This is Starting to Seriously Irritate me

Just to take a random bit:

‘The UK also saw a single-day record, with 14 new deaths and a total of 35.’

Fine. Doing the math, somewhere well over two thousand people die in the UK every day from something else.

That is to say, the toll from the Corona Virus has soared to where it is accounting for less than one out of every hundred deaths. This ignores, of course, the point that the virus’s victims are almost invariably people who were about to die anyway. But have the fourteen dead; all fourteen would have gone on to enjoy happy, flourishing lives for decades to come if not for the virus.  They weren’t typically either in their eighties or already terminally ill with something else.  The virus killed them; let’s  look at it that way.

So why is it cool to die of liver cancer, keel over with a massive heart attack, or get run over crossing the street — but the vanishingly slight chance one might get and die from Corona Virus is grounds for global panic?  Seriously:  if you’re not already at death’s door anyway, the odds of your dying from Corona Virus must literally be about the same as getting killed by lightning.  Do you hide in the basement whenever there’s a storm?

I mean, okay, the virus is cause for some concern — but how does it help to wreck every aspect of our lives with absurdly overblown ’emergency’ measures?  Restaurants closing, schools shut down, travel bans, world-wide economic collapse; for what?

It’s a frigging flu epidemic. Everyone will eventually get exposed, some will get mildly ill, a few will be seriously sick, and indeed, a very small number will die.

One would think it was an outbreak of the Black Death.

Collectively, we’re idiots.  Go ahead; hide in the basement if you want to.  Just don’t burden me with this nonsense.

…and quit buying up all the toilet paper!  Honestly.


  1. What’s now been conclusively proven is that you don’t even need to put soldiers in the street to control entire societies. The mechanisms of self-censorship and social shaming that have been perfected over the past decade will do the trick. Brainwashing far beyond anything Bernays could have imagined.


  2. “One would think it was an outbreak of the Black Death.”

    Yes, and this worldwide psy-op has given the ruling elites much data on how to infect the populace with a contagious psychosis and stage manage the behavior of the masses.

    Very sad.


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