Biden’s Cabinet

Well, not very many whites are to be allowed, at any rate — with the exception of one category. I intend to amplify my views on this subject considerably in the future, but the situation right at this moment is impressive. Somebody pointed out something about Biden’s proposed cabinet as it stands.

‘Still a clean sweep for no white gentiles in the Biden cabinet:
– 3 Blacks
– 2 Indians (including Kamala)
– 1 Mexican
– 6 Jews (including Kerry)’

It’s a stretch to call Kerry a Jew, actually:  it was merely his paternal grandparents who were Jewish, and they converted.  Nevertheless, considering that gentile whites continue to constitute a clear majority in this country, the lack of representation is striking.  There is Biden himself, of course; but our first senile President is obviously going to be no more than a figurehead.

Kamala Harris, at least, has already made her subservience to Zionism quite clear, and Tony Blinken, the (Jewish) proposed Secretary of state has already announced that US aid to Israel will continue regardless of what acts Israel may commit:  [Biden] ‘would not tie military assistance to Israel to any political decisions it makes – full stop.’  He certainly seems to be confident he speaks for Biden.

So to be blunt, it looks like gentile whites — in spite of the fact that we are the majority of the people here — will have very little say in how the country is run.  That will be decided by Jews and those they have vetted.  In connection with this, I wonder how many are aware that the eight top donors to Biden’s campaign were all Jews?

It’s true.  Look up the names listed here if you have any doubts:

I suppose some might argue there is nothing wrong with this — but it still seems distinctly unrepresentative for a group making up two percent of the population to be occupying six of twelve of the positions in question, and a group still making up nearly seventy five percent ( of the population to be occupying only one half of one of those positions.



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  1. Yes, great observations and analysis. Yet, with recent developments, we have several states’ elections that may be ruled null and void by SCOTUS based on previous precedents (going back to 1997). Biden may not be sworn in come Inauguration Day. If BIden’s people are allowed to get away with election fraud on this scale, it is game over for this country.


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