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Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:27 am
Colin Wright wrote: ↑Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:17 am
I noticed the image over the title some time ago: The Gender Creative Child.  Apparently, this wasn’t a blip.  It really is fashionable to raise your offspring as a shemale.  Now we have people writing self-congratulatory books about their experience doing it with their very own child.


Their adventure in gender creative parenting…you can, of course, rush out and buy the book, but pending that, here’s an article recounting their wonderful experience:

Others are excited as well:

Couple raises child as a gender-neutral ‘they-by’ | The …

‘Long before Kyl Myers ever gave birth, she knew she wanted her child to be a “theyby,” or a baby raised without the construct of gender…’
And so on.  Presumably, it’s turning out to be an exciting adventure for the child as well.  As a friend of mine commented:

‘This little girl (it’s pretty obvious that she is a girl) is going to end being a totally intolerable adult, with a totally useless degree, and probably burn down Portland one day.’

Dunno about that, but I wouldn’t promise happy trails.  Not being certain even whether one is a boy or a girl doesn’t sound like the easy path to a secure identity to me.  But hey:  maybe Kyl feels her offspring should be challenged.  No doubt it will be.

What gets to me is the sheer arrogance of it all. Through trial and error, through a kind of process of Darwinian selection on a societal level, we’ve evolved social structures which we don’t fully understand, but which, in some fashion, work. People survive, manage to arrange for food, shelter, and some degree of physical security,  have children, some of those children survive, and the whole process continues.

These structures date back tens of thousands of years, and have evolved in a subtle symbiosis with the economic, natural, and physiological environment. The environment —  physical, economic, social — changes over time, and as it does, so do our social structures.  Men stop going hunting and start plowing.  Women stop gathering nuts and berries and start spinning thread.  

These structures include our sexual identities.  They account for everything from women’s greater tendency to seek consensus rather than conflict to the fact that somebody is going to have to do something about that animal that got into the basement. They serve a thousand purposes in myriad, undeciphered ways.

But we clearly don’t understand precisely how it all works.  Witness such spectacular failures in social engineering as ‘the Great Society.’  It literally reduced black America to a mass of fatherless, jobless, amoral criminals — and in aid of what?

Consider our ever-mounting homeless population.  Nobody seems to have any clear idea what to do about that.  We don’t understand the machine, and what effect our actions will have on its functions.  We’re not even sure what those functions are.

Yet people, on the basis of a few rather recent ethical shibboleths, think it’s a great idea to summarily rearrange it.  Go ahead:  let children grow up with no gender at all.  See what happens.

Presumably, these same people all own cars built in the last twenty years, and if they opened the hood of those cars, they would discover a staggering array of wires, hoses, pipes, valves, and whirling parts, all devoted to making the car zip down the road quickly, efficiently, relatively safely, and in comfort.

Of course, they don’t understand the precise purpose of each wire, part, etc — and so they’d never start ripping them out, cross-connecting them, etc. Since they wouldn’t know what they were doing, that would obviously be a very bad idea, and would almost certainly have catastrophic consequences.

Yet confronting our at least equally Delphic and convoluted social structures — and confronting it in a similar state of ignorance as to how it all might work and why — they feel not merely confident about rearranging it all; they feel compelled to do it.  I assume they’d never arbitrarily reconnect all the hydraulic lines in their car and then go for a spin — just to see what happens.

Yet they’ll try the equivalent with their own children.

They’re mad.  Clinically, barking mad.

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