That was Coming

So somebody finally got killed.

Two weeks ago Sunday, my wife and I were driving down Garden Valley Boulevard in Roseburg.  As we passed the Fred Meyer, there were a score or two of ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrators out front.  This has happened before — and the local media has covered it lavishly and approvingly, considerably exaggerating both the numbers and the significance:–571148391.html

Et al.  When I saw an example earlier this year, it seemed to me there were about twenty demonstrators; given the day, time, and general appearance of the demonstrators, I figured it to be some members of a local church congregation of a progressive inclination, out there demonstrating their general love for all mankind.  Harmless enough, but not my cup of tea — and certainly not ‘a hundred demonstrators,’ as one of the above articles would have it.

Still, they certainly got attention. And to be fair, this is Roseburg; a hit-and-run merits attention.  Not much happens — and when it does, you’re guaranteed your article.  This would be typical:

ROSEBURG, Ore.— The Roseburg community came together Friday to show their support for the black community during the Juneteenth holiday.

More than 20 people gathered on the sidewalk in front of Fred Meyer on Garden Valley Boulevard. The small crowd also protested for the Black Lives Matter movement…’–571376931.html

You see what I mean.  You’ll get into the paper.

…or so one would think.  Two weeks ago last Sunday, when the wife and I passed down Garden Valley, considerably more was happening than the above.  There were the score or two of ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrators — both of the type I’d seen earlier and some more countercultural specimens.

…but they were both greatly outnumbered by a rapidly swelling crowd of more typical Roseburg types:  older men and women getting out of pickups festooned with American flags and Donald Trump signs.  These were ‘mostly peacefully’ if rather boisterously intermingling with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrators.  In fact, they were so closely intermingling that it was impossible to give any of them the finger in any way that would clearly indicate who one intended as the target.  Basically, there were demonstrators on both sides of the street and extending for about a hundred yards, consisting of ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs lost in a sea of American flags and Donald Trump signs.

How the situation developed from there, I couldn’t say — we had other fish to fry, and anyway, no Trump sign or American flag to hand.

But even from what we saw, big news for Roseburg!  Certainly much bigger than any of the previous well-covered events.

…but no coverage at all.  Not a peep.  Moreover, not just silence from the local news outlets.  There was nothing on Facebook, either.  Apparently, not a single demonstrator went home and posted a picture of his big adventure.

Apparently.  Nacht und Nebel, the Nazis used to call it:  night and fog.  People — or in this case, events — just disappear.  They never happened.

‘Black Lives Matter’ and Antifa ‘protests’ receive lavish coverage — but almost nothing is said of any resistance to these outrages.  Occasionally, it is mentioned. Here’s an article covering counter-protests in Klamath Falls and Coquille, Oregon:

However, even then, the coverage tends to suggest nothing occurred:  the title of the piece  is ‘In Klamath Falls, Oregon, victory declared over antifa, which never showed up.’

No news here; move along.  Possibly that was so, but if one reads through the article, the locals were certainly convinced the demonstrators had shown up, there were ‘Black Lives Matters’ demonstrators, if not actual Antifa, and if they weren’t from out of town, for Klamath Falls they seem to have been a remarkably diverse bunch.


Klamath Falls is one percent black.  It seems somewhat improbable that the folks in the above group are all locals.  If ‘antifa’ didn’t show up, Black Lives Matter certainly did.

However, anything’s possible.  Even less plausible, though, are the claims the article makes about a similar demonstration in Coquille — a town of about five thousand outside Coos Bay, Oregon:

‘…Four hours away from Klamath Falls, in Coquille, Oregon, Curry County Sheriff John Ward warned residents on Tuesday in a Facebook post that “3 buss loads of ANTIFA protestors are making their way from Douglas County headed for Coquille then to Coos Bay.”

That night, hundreds gathered at the Coos County Courthouse with guns, awaiting arrival of the antifa buses, the Bandon Western World reported.

The morning after the non-riot, a local couple, Douglas and Debra Bankler, published an op-ed in the Western World, saying “there’s not a whole lot worth ‘looting,’ and ‘burning down’ in Coquille — and we mean that in a good way!”

The op-ed was titled “Taking on an imaginary enemy.”

Douglas Bankler told NBC News the antifa bus rumor may have started on Facebook, but it spread through the town like a real-life game of telephone.

“We live in a tiny, podunk, little Oregon beach town. Five square miles,” he said. “God, please don’t tell us this is going on all over the place.”…’

So Antifa never was coming; those stupid rednecks just got the idea they were.  Stupid rednecks…boy, are they stupid…

The difficulty is, I know someone from Coquille.  According to him, antifa did show up — but kept moving when they saw what was waiting for them.  They tried waving a sign out the window of one of their vehicles, and a local snatched it from them.

And indeed, that seems to have happened.

So the impression conveyed by NBC News notwithstanding, apparently someone did show up that night in Coquille.  Either that, or somebody staged a rather elaborate piece of theater.

Indeed, ‘Antifa’ was going to show up right here in Roseburg on the night of May 31st.  Again, masses of locals showed up; hundreds, supposedly.  Apparently, it was quite a show:  men waiting with guns, diesel pick ups roaring around, everybody loaded for bear.  I talked to a guy who was there.

Ther was nothing in the news at all, though.  Nothing was reported:  no stories in the local paper, nothing on Facebook.

Was it all imaginary?  Did anything happen?  Surely someone would have posted something on Facebook?  As I say, Roseburg is a small town; this would be excitement.  We do not normally assemble downtown with guns and clubs.

But there was only silence.  No such event transpired…or did it?  This post seems to have slipped through.

‘We are aware of numerous concerns regarding potential protests and/or riots that are reported to be happening in Roseburg. We have been in contact with one of the organizers of the Sunday protest, and they were cooperative and have indicated they intend to protest peacefully. They are exhibiting their right to free speech and assembly, which the Roseburg Police Department supports.

Outside of arresting two minors for disorderly conduct last night, we did not have any other issues in the downtown area. The Roseburg Police Department would like to express our appreciation for all of the support we receive from our community. We would also like to extend appreciation to the other public safety agencies who have supported us in preparation for these events.Thank you for your continued support: together we are stronger.’

Apparently Facebook couldn’t quite bring itself to block posts from the Roseburg Police Department.  So there was a planned protest, and Roseburg Police did make two arrests.  Something took place:  the claimed mass assembly of armed locals?

Dunno:  there are no news reports:  just the claims of those who were there — and the elliptical reference from the Roseburg Police Department.  Otherwise, there was silence.

The fact of the matter seems to that although the media — including Facebook — apparently represses news of any resistance as much as they dare, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Antifa’ are meeting a response whenever they attempt to extend their activities beyond the big cities.  For example, this is a clip Andy Ngo posted of the reception ‘Antifa’ met with when it attempted to mount a ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstration in Seaside, Oregon:

The above was certainly good-natured enough, but sometimes the resistance is violent.  The counter-demonstrators in Klamath Falls, Coquille, and that night in Roseburg were certainly ready for action, and I have seen footage of counter-demonstrators chasing ‘antifa’ out of Yucaipa, California, of Mexicans in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago shooting at blacks attempting to enter their community, of locals in Cicero, Illinois waiting armed on roof tops.  Antifa did try showing up in Prineville, Oregon — and supposedly, wound up being chased around the streets by drunken cowboys on horses.

A look at Prineville’s location on the map actually makes that story plausible.  And there was the reception ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrators met with in Bethel, Ohio.  The media covered that:

And now Kenosha has happened.  The media can hardly cover that up.

There’s much that’s been said about it, but here’s a salient fact.  Kenosha has just about a hundred thousand people, only ten percent of whom are black.

Whenever Antifa/Black Lives Matter tries to move out of the big cities, we’re there.  We were there in Kenosha.  I’m very sure we’ll be here in Roseburg.  The media would like you think that there can’t be resistance; that there is no resistance.

And indeed, you won’t find it on Facebook.  You won’t find it at all, if it can be suppressed.

But the resistance is there.  All we need is for Antifa to show up.

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