There’s a Certain Logic to This

‘World Jewish Congress Persuades Mark Zuckerberg to Have His Facebook Social Media Network Ban References to Jews “Controlling Major Institutions Such as Media Networks”‘

So…for example…you couldn’t say that ‘a Jew controls Facebook.’


  1. That is why some of us refer to Jewish control as “hidden in plain sight”.

    Why can we not simply state the facts? Jews, through ownership and holding executive positions, control the media (both TV/radio and print), and control Hollywood.


    • You can’t state the facts because that would defeat the purpose; as Gilad Atzmon puts it, ‘Jewish power it the power to silence criticism of Jewish power.’

      I suppose you could state the facts if you wished to celebrate them; however, it’s fairly obvious it would hardly do to permit you imply there was something wrong about Jews controlling the media.

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      • Colin:

        “‘Jewish power is the power to silence criticism of Jewish power.’”

        He is exactly correct!! Whether it was Voltaire, or some latter day blogger, we can refer to the adage: To see who rules over you, just consider who you cannot criticize.


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