Meanwhile, back in the Aloha State…

‘Hawaii lawmakers have again shut down bars, parks and beaches, and re-imposed an interisland travel quarantine after a surge in reported coronavirus cases. ‘
Hawaii — with a population of 1.4 million people — has suffered a total of 29 coronavirus deaths.  For comparison, in a typical year, there are 68 deaths from drowning in the state.
…the implication is obvious.  Those beaches need to stay closed — but not because of the Coronavirus.
When is this collective idiocy going to end?


    • Indeed. That’s the worst of it.

      There are a few places that aren’t playing along: Sweden, Serbia.

      But in general, you find yourself thinking, ‘Nuts to this: I’m leaving.’

      Then you realize: there isn’t anywhere to go. The collective hysteria is virtually global.

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