Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

The consequences of closing schools become apparent; the devil makes work for idle hands.

Passing through Medford, Oregon, my wife heard that bored kids had been setting off stink bombs in stores.

Medford, of course, is virtually all-white. I wonder what our little nippers of color will be getting up to?

Will the resulting death toll surpass that which would have resulted if they’d simply been kept in school to face the unspeakable ravages of the Corona Virus?

Why, yes. I’m sure that it will. ¬†Leaving a few million black adolescent males to spend that much more time seeking recreational opportunities on their own will kill more of them — and others — than the Corona Virus ever would have had they just been kept in school.

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  1. The insanity continues . . . In Los Angeles and in Philly, the authorities are releasing prisoners early to reduce the contagion. Now, we can see why gun sales are soaring. Are cities going to burn this summer?!

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